Capturing the Essence of Rustic Weddings in Fukuoka, Kyushu

December 18, 2018

We shot the photos with a cinematic, one-scene feel


A natural landscape captured with a serene tone using only natural light

I was able to make this shoot happen by being asked to use my unique photographic style and tone. In a word, I shot the photos with a cinematic, one-scene feel.

There are also ways to use artificial lighting to create a bright and vibrant, fashion-model look in outdoor settings.

The request for this shoot was to avoid an excessive, artificial brightness and to capture a natural and soft tone that reflects the ambiance of a garden wedding. The client also wanted to incorporate the beautiful darkness of a natural forest.

Embracing the natural surroundings with ease and efficiency

I use different techniques based on the expression I want to create. When the stylist in charge of hair and makeup sees the camera preview, they are often surprised and exclaim, “It looks so beautiful! Why is it so different from what I see in front of me?" When I hear such comments, it’s a testament to my sense and technique, both of which contribute to my success.

Many specialized staff collaborate to make the shoot happen, and this is also done to ease the burden on the two models. Preparation takes a long time, but outdoor shoots are done in a short period to avoid fatigue.

My goal is to create a “live" feeling. I believe that you can only capture a natural expression and moment once. Communication is essential, but if the shoot takes too long, the models will inevitably become tired. No matter how much budget We have, speed is crucial in photography.


Wonderful locations in Fukuoka, Kyushu

The difficulties we encounter during the shoot are also memorable experiences. Outdoor shoots have many unpredictable elements that are not present in studio shoots.

This type of photography is suitable for people who enjoy the lively atmosphere of outdoor weddings. The power of nature can evoke more natural expressions than usual.

Please immerse yourself in this natural world and feel its beauty.

RUSTIC WEDDING Discovering the Beauty of Kyushu: Stunning Locations

Capturing the Best Shots of Two People: Flower, Outfits, and Hair & Makeup

Taking these kinds of photographs requires more than simply setting up a camera and pressing the shutter button. A team of stylists and venue staff are always available to provide support.

I deliberately hold a heavy camera to capture the live atmosphere with dynamic angles. However, it’s not enough to simply move around.

While taking the shots, I observe the models to find their best expressions and angles, and take multiple shots to capture the perfect moment.

Capturing the Love: A Personalized Photography Experience for Couples

Capturing the Essence of Rustic Bridal Photography: The Enduring Value of Natural Landscapes

The timeless appeal of rustic bridal photography is what makes it so attractive. Nature never goes out of style.

When searching for rustic weddings in the United States, it’s adorable to see how all the girls wear pioneer-style boots. While it is a kind of retro boom, I believe this photography style has enduring value that transcends time.

Classic things can be repeated and trendy again and again, and that’s why rustic bridal photography endures.

This shot is also a live action. The flower artist actually arranged the set.

I created a sunset just for the two of them! (Actually, it was drizzling.)

I created a sunset just for the two of them! (Actually, it was a cloudy and drizzly evening at sunset.)

This shot is of an artificial sunset.

Actually, it was a cloudy day and light rain fell several times during the shoot.

The sun was already behind the mountain, so we couldn’t see its exact position.

It was a shame that we didn’t have a sunset scene, so I used lights to create the dusk scene.

This method has its benefits. For example, it’s not hot!

I personally like this method and often use it for artist photo shoots.

I used lights to create a sunset! (Actually, it was a cloudy and drizzly evening at sunset.)

RUSTIC WEDDING Photos in Kyushu-Fukuoka Japan

Photographs by Junichi Kawamoto
Planned by Atelier Ruban for flower design
Wedding dress & tuxedo by Landybridal
Hair and makeup by i’ll Hair Salon
Dog model by Moruco
Groom model by Luis Gaignard
Bride model by Anne Mikiko Nakata
Location: Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

The photos are exactly as they were taken, with only tone adjustments applied.
The landscape is quite different from the impression you get when you see it in person.
In fact, there were many people and objects in the surroundings and background, but I didn’t edit them this time to express the photographer’s sense.

As someone who participated as a photographer, I realized the importance of being careful about heatstroke and dehydration for any staff involved in outdoor photography.

The photos are very beautiful, but the environment can be harsh at times. In the summer, it may be a good idea to assign someone to check for cooling down and hydration for the staff.

Capturing the Beauty of Outdoor Bridal Photography in Fukuoka: Tips and Recommendations

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Behind the Scenes: Capturing the Beauty of Rustic Bridal Photography

The author of the photos and article on this page is Junichi Kawamoto, a photographer.