Still Photography for Medical Website and Academic Conference Events

September 8, 2021

Still Photography for Medical Practice Website and Academic Conference Events

Photography Field

  • Planning and photography for hospital/medical practice websites
  • Photography coverage for academic conference stills
  • Beauty and aesthetic model photography (primarily for advertising photography)
  • Photography for publications, educational materials, and recruitment media, among others.

Medical Practice Video Production Sample


Services Offered

Photography Expertise and Services Offered for Medical Practices:

  • Expertise in capturing clean, spacious shots of the medical facility interiors
  • Capturing staff in action with lively and cheerful expressions
  • Realistic photos of treatment scenes and medical equipment
  • Also available for doctor interviews, working environments, hospital exteriors and interiors, and equipment photography.

How to Request Our Services:

  • We accept direct requests and may also be dispatched through production companies or consultants.
  • We offer two options for shooting: either with the presence of the client or by sending a single photographer to the location.
  • As a freelance photographer, we can accommodate even last-minute requests as long as they fit within our schedule.

Samples of Our Work:

  • Production of TV commercials (sponsored spots)
  • Manual and advertisement photography for pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment
  • Photography and video production of equipment exhibitions and nurse textbooks (apps)

Delivery and Utilization of Our Photos:

  • All shots taken during the shoot will be delivered to the client. There are no limits to the number of photos taken.
  • Clients may also use our photos for other promotional materials and abstracts. We can also deliver files to related companies using a file transfer service, making it a popular choice among medical practice website designers.

Custom Retouching (additional fees apply):

  • This is the process of retouching (processing) photos of people (faces and bodies).
  • We have a wealth of experience in beauty, aesthetic, and anti-aging cosmetics media. Please note that prior consultations must be held before shooting, and we deliver retouched files through file transfers.


  1. Consultation: I will listen to your needs and conditions over the phone or via email.
  2. Estimate: Based on your requirements, I will provide you with a photography fee estimate.
  3. Reservation: If the terms and conditions are satisfactory, you may proceed to book my services.
  4. Shooting, Delivery, and Payment: Once the photography session is complete, I will deliver the photos to you and provide payment options.

I strive to provide my clients with the highest quality photographs and an efficient, hassle-free experience. Thank you for considering our services."

On-location Photography Services Available Throughout Western Japan

Since I am based in Fukuoka City, I have access to the following areas within an hour: Fukuoka Airport, JR Hakata Station (Shinkansen), Tenjin in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka International Congress Center, and Marine Messe.

Photography Examples

(list in random order)

  • Planning and advertisement photography for the English version of the comprehensive science journal “Nature."
  • Taking a complete set of website photos, from those of small medical clinics to those of large general hospitals.
  • Numerous interviews of doctors for various media outlets, captured in a stylish and attractive way.
  • Photographing products in pharmaceutical companies, from clean rooms to operating rooms in large hospitals.
  • Photography and video production for academic summaries, educational materials, and online video distribution.
  • Capturing images for related brochures and taking introductory and effective case study photos for informational magazines.
  • Capturing special interview photos for publications of the PHP Institute (PHP INTERFACE).
  • PR photography for educational institutions such as national and private universities, vocational schools, private tutoring schools, and Japanese language schools.
  • Model photography and product photography for beauty and aesthetic esthetic business blogs.
  • Shooting photos and editing videos for the Japanese Red Cross Society’s PR materials, website materials, and YouTube content.
  • Creating 3DCG images for food catalogs and package photography.
  • Capturing stills and promotional posters for mainstream broadcasters and local TV stations, as well as for NHK program materials.
  • Capturing interview photos for various large publishing companies, including women’s fashion magazines, game magazines, and information magazines.